TerraTrike Announces New Wheel Sets!


TerraTrike Announces New Aerospoke and Samagaga Wheel Availabilty

In celebration of TerraTrike’s 15th anniversary, they have promised to release 15 new products this year. The latest offering is a custom line of Aerospoke and Samagaga wheelsets for their popular recumbent trike models.

The 20” Aerospoke models will be available in a carbon fiber grey color and custom colors by special order. The wheels, which are specifically made to handle the unique forces imposed by recumbent trikes have been reinforced for stiffness and the use of disc brakes.

“These wheels are not only solid as a rock, but gives any trike a sleek look”, says Jeff Yonker, Marketing Manager at TerraTrike. “Pair these wheels with a custom color that matches your trike and just watch the heads turn.”

The wheels, which currently only come in a 20” version, work on every TerraTrike except the Rover and Path models. Pricing for the carbon fiber grey will be $1299 per wheel set (set of three) with the custom colors being an additional $225 per set. Aerospoke wheels are U.S. made in Michigan.

The Samagaga wheels are an aluminum spoke “Mag” style rim. Also only available in a 20” model, these wheels will only be available in a silver color. The 3 wheel set will retail for $599 and again will fit all models except the Rover and Path.

Both wheels sets will be available the first part of April and they are taking pre-orders now.


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