New Tandem Attachment for TerraTrike Rovers!!!

New from TerraTike! We are now taking orders for TerraTrikes newly announced tandem attachment for the TerraTrike Rover! This will be a popular item… Call us and get yours on order now!

This is from TerraTrike:

TerraTrike Unveils New Rover Tandem AttachmentKentwood, MI (March 15, 2011) – In celebration of TerraTrike’s 15th anniversary, they have promised to release 15 new products this year. Their latest offering is a new kit that transforms any standard Rover into a Tandem trike.
The conversion requires the disconnection of the rear section of the trike and the addition of the new tandem frame extension in the middle. New included chains and chain tubes, stoker seat, crank, handlebars and all necessary fastners and hardware are also included. The stoker seat features the same adjustable quick release as the original Rover seat and allows for a wide range of rider sizes.
The Tandem kit will retail for $899.
“This new Tandem attachment not only adds more value and functionality to any Rover,” explains marketing Director Jeff Yonker, “But this also means there is now a Tandem recumbent trike out there for $1598”.
“We think this will have huge implications in the rental and special needs market”, said Yonker. “But we also think that it allows everyone with a Rover to now have that second rider capability. We are constantly innovating, improving and adding value to your TerraTrike – and this is no exception.
The Rover Tandem claims to have the tightest turning radius of any Tandem in the market and works with any single and 8 speed Rover. 3 Speed Rovers require an additional 8 speed wheel.

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