TerraTrike announces a new trike!

Terratrike announced a new trike offering! This new trike, the Sportster, will be available later this year. Peddlers is taking pre orders now for this USA built trike.

This from TerraTrike…

“In celebration of TerraTrike’s 15th anniversary, they have promised to release 15 new products this year. Their latest offering is the brand new Sportster recumbent trike.

The new Sportster combines the Zoomer and Sport models in to a sleek new design. It’s aluminum frame, direct steering and artisan build quality is the culmination of their 15 years experience with trike design.

With a wider track width and longer wheelbase, the trike was designed to go fast.

“This trike is definitely a speed demon”, says Jeff Yonker, Marketing Director at TerraTrike. “We started with a no-compromise approach to design and have come up with a trike that not only accelerates faster, climbs better and maintains high speeds easier than any trike we’ve ever ridden, but is also a beautiful work of art. On top of all that it’s completely built in the USA.”

“If your goal is to simply move as fast as possible under your own power, then look no further. This is the supercar of trikes, and a complete thrill to ride” says Yonker.

With this announcement TerraTrike has also discontinued the Zoomer model.

The Sportster comes stock with a 26” rear wheel and will be available in four different component levels beginning in Fall of 2011.”

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