TerraTrike Unveils New Tour II

This news from TerraTrike!

“In celebration of TerraTrike’s 15th anniversary, they have promised to release 15 new products this year. Their latest offering, which finishes out the 15, is a new trike named the Tour II.

The New Tour II is an upgrade to the platform which included the Path, long-time best seller Cruiser as well as the original Tour models. TerraTrike earlier this year discontinued both only to now be rolled into the new Tour II.

The new Tour II will feature the same award winning frame design along with a few new twists. Standard now on all models are the locking ProMax brake levers as well as a new tighter turning radius and still featuring linkage steering. It also comes standard with the new sliding seat bracket that is currently being used on the Rambler model. This allows for quick adjustments between riders of similar leg length and gives the seat a sleeker look.

The new Tour II will come in the popular Sunset Gold color and ship with 3 different decal colors for customization – Silver, Brick and Blue. It will also be available in four different component levels starting at $1399.00.

“The Path, Cruiser, and Tour have all been rolled into one model now”, says Jeff Yonker, Marketing Director at TerraTrike. “This makes it much less confusing to the consumer and streamlines our line now to where we have only four different model plus our Tandem – The Rover, The Rambler, The Tour II and the Sportster – Each available in three to four different component level packages.”

“The Tour II is the culmination of 15 years of refinement to the platform that started it all” says Yonker. “With the new improvements, it’s ready to take on another 15 years.”

The Tour II will be available in four different component levels beginning in December of 2011.”

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