Seat ThingAmaDingies Are A Hit!!

Check out this testimonial from a Peddlers Friend..

“I recently bought a “Seat ThingAmaDingy” from you for my Greenspeed GT-1. I inherited the trike from wife, who couldn’t get used to sliding down in the seat and having to slide back up fairly often. We tried various adjustments of the boom and the seat elastic but nothing worked. Once we had it fitted to me I had less of an issue, but I did find some pain in my lower back after several hours on the trike. Once I installed the Seat ThingAmaDingy and got the adjustment just right the problem went away and stayed away. The Greenspeed feels like an entirely different trike; the difference is like night and day. Thanks for this product, it is a simple but effective solution.”
Steve S.

The Seat ThingAmaDingy is back in stock and can be ordered HERE.

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