Announcing the TrikeStand Magnum OS!!

Peddlers Trikes is proud to introduce our new TrikeStand Magnum O.S.! This TrikeStand is built for the trike enthusiast or professional shop that wants a heavy duty work stand that can adjust to various frame designs. This recumbent trike work stand can adjust in a multitude of configurations to fit your trike. The O.S. (Off-Set) cradle design will fit typical and unique frames alike. The TrikeStand Magnum O.S. will fit your needs now and in the future. We will be adding accessories to enhance the versatility of the TrikeStand Magnum O.S.. Immediately available are straight arm cradles (non Off-Set) and a TrikeStand Tandem Attachment. With the Magnum O.S.’s replaceable cradles we should be able to fit any conceivable future design! Like other TrikeStand models, the TrikeStand Magnum O S sets up quickly and breaks down fast for easy storage. All TrikeStands feature steel construction, are built to last and are made in the USA.! Don’t trust your trike on a flimsy stand or a work stand not made for your trike. Own the best! Own a TrikeStand! You can purchase one HERE!

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