Trident announces a new folding trike!

Trident showed a prototype of a new folding trike at the Smokey Mountain Recumbent Rally. This trike, the Odyssey, folds to a very small package. This from Trident… “This is a FULL sized trike, but our folded dimension is 31 ½ x 20 ½” x 12 5/8”- wheels and seat ON!! “. According to Trident, the Odyssey is expected to be available this fall.

TridentODS4  TridentODSFolded


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2 Responses to Trident announces a new folding trike!

  1. Dick Brenneman says:

    How much detail about the specs on the trident Odyssey can you get me? My concern is being geared low enough that a grade increase will not end a day cycling. AQny details you can get me would be appreciated.

    Dick Brenneman

    • peddlers says:

      Here is the full press release. This is everything that is known at the moment…
      From Trident Press Release
      Trident is pleased to announce 2 small changes and a surprise new model which we showed a prototype of at the Smokey Mountain Recumbent Rally this weekend.

      First the changes. Due to so many requests that we have had, the Stowaway 2 model will be available in the Wasabi Green color. We have them in stock now.

      Secondly starting later this summer, we will be making a transition to Schwalbe Tires on several models. The first models to change will the Stowaway 2, and Chameleon getting Schwalbe Marathon Racers. Transports will make the change in the fall. Titan and E Spike Models will be equipped with Schwalbe Big Apples mid-Summer as well. Spike 1 & 2, TWIG and Stowaway 1 will continue to use Kenda Tires.

      We also decided to unveil a prototype of a “concept Trike” at the Smoky Mountain Recumbent Rally this past weekend.

      The 2 biggest news stories in the Trike business this year were #1 the Terra Trike Traveller followed shortly thereafter by The Edge E Squared. Both Trikes are innovative, and have plusses and minuses, but neither checks every box. Obviously we were thinking about coming out with one as well, so we decided to make a wish list of our dream super compact- and we say “dream” because we are not sure you can do everything. So here is the wish list…
      1.Full Size Trike – Bigger than 16” wheels, at least a 75CM track. Traveller passes this test, E2 does not
      2.Ability to fold quickly without tools (Both pass)Into the trunk of a compact car (E2 yes, TT into some cars) Into a suitcase (E2 Only) and lastly- the “Holy Grail”- into a suitcase with no disassembly (Neither)
      3. The ability to roll when folded (E2 yes stage 1, stage 2 no , TT no)
      4.Ability to tour – must be able to carry rear rack, neck rest, , adjustable seat angle, etc.

      We are happy to unveil the Trident Odyssey Prototype. As you will see we succeeded in every design criteria on our wish list. This is a FULL sized trike, but our folded dimension is 31 ½ x 20 ½” x 12 5/8”- wheels and seat ON!! All this and a 77 CM Track for stability. Edge & TT haven’t announced folded size- but we are fairly confident it’s the smallest folded trike on the planet- & by quite a bit.

      We settled on 18” Wheels. We were concerned at first about 18”Tire choices but discovered Schwalbe makes Marathon Racer, Marathon Plus, Kojaks AND Big Apples in 18”! This is the perfect balance between performance and small fold. The Odyssey boasts a custom made rear hub – 102mm dropout with a 10 Speed 9-34 Cassette. (Production models will probably be 9 Speed) , BB7 Disc Brakes , Bar End Shifters, a Quick Release Neck rest, and Quick Release Pedals.

      We have already decided on several changes that need to be made, but everybody who rode it this weekend can tell you it had a great ride! Production models will be out this fall.

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