Winter break is coming to an end!

We will re-open February 28th at 11 am.

Get your trikes in early for their spring tune-ups. Spring is just around the corner!

Cruising down the Bikeway


Trikers Grin Tee shirt from TEE BARON!!

The newest Trikers Grin design from Tee Baron..

trikers grin amaz




As most of our Peddlers Friends realize, we are now on our Winter Break.

As we do every year, we close for January and return normally in late February.

Please, please, please… check our website or call 740-522-0605 for any updates.

We will alert everyone here with the latest info about our return date.

Don’t rely on any other source for this information!

Also, if you want an early Spring tune-up, notify us at

We will set the appointment now for when we return.

Stay warm, stay safe… We appreciate all of our Peddlers Friends!

Dave & Susan

For those concerned about being seen!